What is our "Field Grade" equipment?

All the performance and functionality you expect at an affordable price.

Really Right Stuff prides itself on quality, both in form and function. Occasionally, due to minor cosmetic blemishes, an assembled product will still meet all the functional and performance quality checks but still be rejected due to our high standards for aesthetics.

The Field Grade line is an opportunity for customers who aren't as concerned with the appearance of the gear to still get the same performance for less. The Field Grade line still carries the same 30-day return policy, the same full warranty, but most of all, the same rock-solid quality you depend on from RRS.

            Field Grade                                                                                                                                                Standard


Points to know:

  • Field Grade gear will be distinctly marked with a logo or insignia in addition to the RRS logo
  • The same warranty and return policies will apply to Field Grade gear as other gear
  • Any component on a Field Grade product is subject to be blemished, and due to the product already being packaged, inspection or selection beforehand is not possible
  • Compatibility with other RRS gear will remain intact
  • Performance, functionality, or specs of the product will not be impacted by the cosmetic blemish
  • Availability of Field Grade gear is not guaranteed, and cannot be predicted.
    • This means when it's available, it's available and when it's gone, it's gone. 

If you have any other specific questions about  Field Grade gear, please contact our customer service team at support@reallyrightstuff.com.