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Anvil-30 ARC or BH-SCR?

Which head should you choose?

Here we will compare and contrast the two heads by highlighting some key features and best applications to help you decide what head works best for you.


The Anvil-30 ARC is the flagship RRS SOAR ball head. While most ball heads are adaptations from a photography head to accommodate rifle shooting, the Anvil-30 ARC is one of the only heads on the market that was engineered from the ground up specifically to be shot off of. This head is one of the easiest and quickest to use as it only has two control mechanisms. The main, larger lever adjusts the tension on the head while the secondary, smaller lever opens and closes the clamp. Both of these cam levers be adjusted and re-timed to the users liking.

This head features two highly visible, luminescent bubble levels helping users eliminate cant in their rifle systems. The Anvil-30 ARC can articulate in any direction up to 30° but does not feature a 90° drop notch. It features the RRS patented dual clamp allowing users to mount either a Picatinny or ARCA-style rail. It features our new R-Lock system which enhances safety, adjustability, and repeatability. This head can be mounted directly to any 3/8" threaded stud making the Anvil-30 ARC compatible with non-RRS tripods.

The Anvil-30 ARC can be purchased individually or mounted to our TFCT Tripod. It can also be mounted to our Ultralight and Versa tripods. At a price point of $395, this ball head is a great introductory product into Really Right Stuff.

The Anvil-30 ARC is the ideal head for those that will be doing more shooting than anything else. It lacks a dedicated pan which for many is a must-have while observing. While it can still be done, the Anvil-30 ARC truly shines when being shot off of.


The BH-SCR is the newest release from RRS SOAR. It takes our well-acclaimed photography ball heads and adds our SC-ARC clamp, making these heads some of the most versatile that we offer. Users can remove the SC-ARC and mount it to any ARMS-17s style bipod, increasing usability with the product. There are 2 to 3 control mechanisms on each head depending on the model. Users can adjust the drag set on the BH-40 and BH-55 which increases or decreases overall tension on the ball.

Each head has the ability to articulate 45° in each direction and 90° in the drop notches. They can support rifles or devices between 15-50lbs (depending on the size of the ball head) but are ideal for those that will be doing more glassing than shooting. The dedicated pan and drop notches provide enhanced features for observation devices and allow users to observe on a single plane without concern of the mounted device toppling over to one side. These heads feature our new mounting interface, R-Mount which decreases play over time and extended use.

The BH-SCRs are compatible with any of our Ultralight or Versa tripods and can be mounted to a 3/8" threaded stud making them compatible with non-RRS tripods as well. Just like the Anvil-30 ARC, these heads feature our patent-pending R-Lock.

These heads are ideal for lightweight enthusiasts and hunters who will be spending more time on glass than behind a rifle. They're capable of supporting most hunting rifles on the market and increase a user's capability when the shot matters the most. The BH-40 SCR atop an Ultralight tripod is Yukon Hunter Greg McHale's favorite set up as it provides one system for many jobs.


Just like most pieces of gear, it all depends on what you're trying to do and accomplish. If you are a competitive, tactical, or enthusiast shooter then we suggest going with the Anvil-30 ARC as your preferred ball head. If you're a hunter or someone who likes to take photos and shoot rifles, then the BH-SCR is the recommended head for you.

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