How to install the gasket on the BX2D plate

Instructions for installing protective gasket included with the BX2D-LS and -B plates

The BX2D baseplate gasket is optional, and serves the purpose of providing some barrier between the metal-on-metal contact of the bottom of the camera, and the inner surface area of the RRS baseplate.


Application Instructions:

  1. Ensure the inner surface area of the baseplate is clean and dry.
  2. Peel the gasket off and carefully position it according to the graphic below:
    1. Ensure the left edge of the gasket aligns with the left edge of the front flange on the baseplate (assuming you’re looking down on it in the same orientation as the graphic below)
    2. Be mindful aligning the cutouts of the gasket with the corresponding holes and grooves of the plate (again, see graphic)
    3. Carefully apply the gasket in a smooth “wave” manner, being mindful to avoid/eliminate any air bubbles as you advance the “wave”