Lens Foot and Collar Packages

Manual for Really Right Stuff Lens Feet and Collar Packages

Thank you for purchasing a Really Right Stuff Lens Foot and Collar Package. This manual will guide you through the installation, use, and maintenance of your new Lens Foot and Collar, ensuring you get the most out of your equipment.

Section 1- Compatability 

Each RRS Lens Foot and Collar is designed to be compatible with a specific camera lens. We currently offer Lens Foot and Collar Packages for the following camera lens models:

 Nikon AF-S 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR:
LC-A14 Collar / LC-A14 Collar + LCF-11 Package..............5.1oz / 8.8oz

Nikon NIKKOR Z 180-600mm f/5.6-6.3 VR:
LC-A15 Collar / LC-A15 Collar + LCF-12 Package..............4.16oz / 7.84oz

Section 2-Parts and Locations

 Parts and Locations:
Each Lens Foot and Collar Package consists of the same basic parts and functions. See the image below to learn about the names and functions of each part.

lens foot and collar lens feet LCF sony mm 180-600 lenscollar camera lens nikon sony leica

*Current models of RRS Lens Collars utilize different RRS Lens Feet. See compatability section to learn which LCF your RRS Lens Collar utilizes. 

Each Lens Collar & Foot Package will come with the following:

  • 1x Lens Collar for your lens of choice
  • 1x RRS LCF (Dovetail Standard lens foot)
  • 1x Hex Key 
  • 2x M3 safety stop screws
  • 1x User Manual QR Code

Section 3-Basic Installation


Step 1: Cleaning 

Ensure the barrel of the lens is clean and dry prior to installation of the collar. Wipe off any dry dust or dirt with a soft cloth. If the collar or foot becomes fouled during use, remove the components and rinse lightly under fresh water then dry thoroughly. Do not attempt to remove the locking knobs; doing so will result in damage to the components.

Step 2: Remove the original lens collar from your camera

Refer to the Nikon manual for model-specific instructions. Loosen the collar lock knob until the collar rotates freely, then align the alignment mark on top of the lens with the ➜ mark on the collar and remove it.

Step 3: Join RRS collar and LCF foot

Snap-fit foot to collar (A), then secure lock knob (B) on foot. To remove the foot, loosen the lock knob and press the release latch (see photo). 

lens foot and collar lens feet LCF sony mm 180-600 lenscollar camera lens nikon sony leica

Step 4: Open Collar

Loosen the lock knob on the collar until the hinged segment of the collar releases: swing to open. Do not attempt to remove the lock knob.

lens foot and collar lens feet LCF sony mm 180-600 lenscollar camera lens nikon sony leica

Check that all screws are securely tightened well, and you're done!


For questions regarding RRS Lens Packages, reach out to our customer service representatives at support@reallyrightstuff.com or call us at 385-248-0777