MC-LS Manual

This manual covers the MC-LS -- Multi-Camera L-Set from Really Right Stuff


The MC-LS (SKU RRS-9000194) is a universal L-set, designed to be adaptable to a wide range of camera bodies. This manual will help you understand the function, assembly, and use of your MC-LS.


Section 1 - PARTS

In the Box:

  • MC-LS Plate
    • MC-LS Base Plate
    • MC-LS Anti-twist Flange Plate
    • MC-LC1 L-Component for MC-LS
    • MC-LC2 l-Component for MC-LS 
  • 3x B107 1/4"-20 screw
  • 1x 1/4"-20 x 3/16" flathead screw
  • 1x 5/32" custom hex key
  • 1x 5mm Safety Stop screw
  • 1x 2.5mm Hex Key





The MC-LS is made up of four parts that go together like so:  

  1. LC1 L-Component
  2. LC2 L-Component 
  3. Anti-twist Flange Plate
  4. Base plate





Step One: Connect the Anti-Twist Flange Plate to the Base Plate with a 1/4"-20 x 3/16" flathead screw (the only different screw) using our 5/32 Hex Key 

  •  Note: the 5/32 Hex Key is attached to the base plate with grippers rather than magnets. This does not affect the structural integrity.2


Step Two- Use a B107 Screw, on the base of the LC1 to connect it to the LC2 for a complete L component.3



 Step Three- Connect the completed L component to the base plate, to make the L set using another B107 screw.

MC-ls arrows version 2

MC-LS Front View no camera








Each piece is adjustable, to make a flush fit for your camera! 


-To take the hex key out, press down on the protruding end, then it will pop right out! MCLS 2 1MCLS 3 1

Step One- Extend your L component by loosening the first screw at the base of the L bracket to gain access to the other screws.MC-ls arrows version 2

Step Two- Adjust the anti-twist flange onto the edge of your camera using the 1/4"-20 x 3/16 screw and the hex key. 6


MC-LS arrows take 2

Step Three- Use the B107 screw located in the center of the base plate to attach the MC-LS to your camera.

Step Four- Adjust the full L component (LC1 and LC2 together) by bringing it either forward or backwards so you have complete access to ports. 

  • Note: Sliding the L component forward and backwards will help accommodate the location of the side ports for different cameras and stiff cables that need more room.

    mc-ls arrows part 2MC-LS side view for manual with arrow-1


Step Five- Adjust the full L component (LC1 and LC2) until it fits flush against the side of your camera.

  • Note: Extending the L component away from the side of your camera is to accommodate for easier access to ports and screen articulation.

To extend: loosen the first B107 screw at the very bottom of the plate.  MC-LS arrows again


MC-ls arrows version 2

A7R L component extended front view With MC_LS





Section 4- SCREWS


Green Arrow: Screw that connects the MC-LS to your camera.
Yellow Arrow: Screw that connects the base plate to the Anti-Twist flange plate.
Red Arrow: Screw that connects the L component to the base plate.
Purple Arrow: Screw that connects LC1 to LC2.

-(If you switch the flange plate around, the location of the green and yellow arrow will change)

MC-LS arrows



For any further questions, reach out to our customer service representatives at or call us at 385-248-0777