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Which tripod is best for me?

How to choose the best tripod to fit your personal needs and lifestyle.


At first, choosing the right tripod might seem like a daunting task. We’re going to try to make it simple and easy for you. Many factors go into picking a tripod, such as your equipment, shooting style, type of photography, and the ideal weight of your setup.

Let’s look at the 3 most common types of photographers that we encounter.



Our first photographer is the frequent flyer or the hiker. If you are constantly traveling or hiking, this might be you. Typically, this photographer is the owner of a smaller DSLR or mirrorless camera system. They also shoot with anything from a wide-angle lens to a 200mm lens. If you travel by air frequently or prefer to have your tripod strapped onto your backpack, you probably want something light, small, and compact. Something that would not be a burden to bring with you when you’re on the go.

Recommended Tripod: Ascend 14

This tripod’s maximum height is just under 5 feet but can collapse down to 18.6”. This gives you enough height to capture all those beautiful angles but is still small enough to stow into a carry-on bag or to strap onto a backpack. And the best part? It only weighs 2.5 lbs. Light enough to bring around during those frequent flights or long hikes.


If you are looking for something taller that is still ideal for traveling and backpacking, we recommend the Ascend 14L.

The long Ascend model with an integrated Ball Head is 21.1" when fully collapsed, and can reach a height of 68.9" when fully extended. Weighing in at 3.04 lbs, the Ascend 14L is a great option for those looking for a tall, reliable tripod. 




TVC-24L Mk2

The second photographer type is the Weekend Warrior. This is for the photographer who may not travel or shoot as much as the Frequent Flyer but still has a strong passion for photography. Typically, this photographer will own a DLSR or a mirrorless camera. They also own lenses anywhere from a wide angle to an 800mm lens. Do you shoot both indoors and outdoors or travel by car for most of your photography? If the answer is yes then you may want something a little bigger than an Ascend.

Recommended Tripod: TVC-24L

It reaches a maximum height of 5’6” and only weighs 3.69 lbs, which is a great height for such a lightweight tripod. Additionally, the TVC-24L has a load capacity of 70 lbs; more than enough to hold a camera setup!



The third and last type is the Heavy-Duty Pro. This is for the photographer who primarily shoots in the studio or on location. Now these photographers will own a bigger, professional, or prosumer-level DSLR, or even a medium format camera. They typically shoot on lenses ranging from a wide angle to 800mm. Do you have a large setup with heavy lenses and lots of equipment? Do you do heavy astrophotography? Do you need to support a video camera or rig?

Recommended Tripods: QVC-44TVC-33 or TVC-34L

At an impressive 75.5" tall, and with a weight capacity of 120lbs, the Quadpod is perfect for all your heavy-duty projects, and photography needs. The QVC-44 offers rock-solid support and versatility with four series 4 legs and a series 3 versa apex, making it compatible with all series 3 tripod accessories. From a center column to a leveling base, you can upgrade the quadpod any way you need to for that perfect picture.

Find the QVC-44 here



If you are looking for a heavy-duty tripod instead of a quadpod, or something more travel friendly we recommend the TVC-33 or TVC-34L



TVC-33  is a series 3 tripod with three extendable leg sections per leg. Having one less leg section than the majority of our tripod models makes this tripod a lot sturdier models and a perfect tripod for your business or studio. It has a load capacity of 85 lbs, a maximum height of 58.2", and a folding height of 25.4" tall. 



versa-Series 3_4 Sections (Regular)_01-jpg

The TVC-34L  has a load capacity of 80 lbs and can reach a maximum height of 68.4"  and a minimum height of 23.9" providing excellent vantage points for capturing a wide range of perspectives while maintaining exceptional stability and versatility. The TVC-34L is our tripod of choice for the photographer who needs an everyday heavy-duty tripod. 




Do any of these photographers sound like you? You might want to check out our recommendations. If you want to go more into the specs and more technical side of tripods, check out the individual product pages, or if you have any other questions feel free to contact our helpful customer service team!

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